The Bad Thing

Inside of every one of us, inside our spirit, our soul, there dwells the Bad Thing. Now, most of us control the Bad Thing. We suppress it, we stop the urges it sends us with our own will. But every once in a while, even in the best of us, the Bad Thing comes to the surface, and makes us do the thing that we know is wrong.

Oh, the wrong thing we do may feel right, for a while, but there is always someone, the Helper, that tells us it is wrong. (see Romans chapter 7)

Of course we can look at others who don't control the Bad Thing. We can easily see it in other people. It's the cause of all the problems in the world...war, poverty, greed, hatred, inequity, crime, etc...the Bad Thing gets out in the world, and hurts people. But most of all it hurts God, who didn't create things to be this way. Now there's a place called heaven. God lives there. It's a perfect place where there is no Bad Thing. There could be no place for such stuff in a glorious place like heaven, in the very presence of the Lord God Almighty.

Now when we die, we can't live on the earth anymore, where we have the Helper to guide us. And we can't possibly get to heaven, because the Bad Thing lives inside us.

Now there's another place called hell. Hell is where God doesn't live. And without Him, the Bad Thing runs rampant and eats us, and burns us forever.

But God has a plan! He came down to earth, and became a man.

Was tempted in every way we are, but He overcame the Bad Thing! He laid His life down to beat death, and shed His blood...and His blood and only His blood can wash away the Bad Thing!

Did you know this!? He overcame death and hell and made a way for you and me to be in heaven with Him forever. The Plan is this... Believe in Him. His name is Jesus Christ. Ask Him to wash away your sin with His precious blood. Receive Jesus now!

Are You Saved? Pray this Prayer...


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