of the American Crew


Chapter 1



Dusty loves school, and he completes all his work gladly. But his mind often wanders when he is in the classroom. He cannot stop thinking about outer space. He dreams of what life would be like if he was an astronaut.
But its more than just a dream......


He senses a great purpose ahead of him, designed just for him, and ordered by God Himself. He knows he has many gifts and talents in science and space aeronautics, and
that someday God will use those gifts .

God has a purpose and plan for you too... Do you sense it?? You have been given many gifts in order to complete it for God. Pray to Him now and tell Him that you want to understand His plan and purpose for your life. 

Ephesians 4:7
But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift.
[that word grace means gift and this grace is the gift to serve God]

Chapter 2

Dusty is picked on and put down by his brothers, Dusty does not choose to go along with them when they do bad things. When they have a bad attitude about finding and loving God, Dusty does not listen. Dusty loves Him so much.

They laugh at him when he speaks of his relationship to God. And when he speaks of Gods plans for him. They tell him that he is dreaming, "there is no God, and if there were a God He certainly sees nothing special in Dusty and couldn't possibly have any special plans".

They said all this because in fact, this was their own reality, they had no faith for such things.
But it was not Dusty's reality because he had faith and a living relationship with his Father in heaven. 

Chapter 3

But Dusty stays faithful to God, and still trusts in His plan.
And in spite of their cruelty, he prays for his brothers that they will find God and be saved.

For God is not willing that any man perish, but that everyone repent (2Peter 3:9)

One day, while praying. God shows Dusty there is a science fair coming to town. There will be a contest and prize for best science project. He wants Dusty to enter.
God guides and directs Dusty on the project. He gets to work on it right away.

"What fun it is to serve God, and begin His purpose for my life."

Dusty wins best in show for the sleek design on his space shuttle.
Dusty wins a real Nasa jacket that the astronauts themselves use. It is so beautiful, he puts it on right away and the judge pins a medal on Dusty.




"Ouch that hurt "

He is excited and senses the victory is from God. He thanks the Lord and knows He couldn't have done it without Him, as his secret ally and friend.
He also understands there is great fun and opportunity before him, but not without a struggle first.


Chapter 4 

When he arrives home, his father is joyful in his son's accomplishment, but at the same time, Dusty's brothers hear about his victory at the fair. The are furious in their hearts and rise up in tremendous anger against their brother. Why should Dusty get such favor ?

They don't understand it has been God all along helping Dusty because they don't know God. They make plans to hurt Dusty.


The next day they tell Dusty they want to go for a ride together and have some fun.

He thinks they have had a change of heart and decides to go with them for the sake of brotherly love. It is cold outside and Dusty wears his new jacket.


The ride is long. Dusty wonders where they are going. They travel through deserted roads and mountain trails, and places Dusty has never seen before.

Dusty wonders what is going to happen, he asks his brothers who offer him no help. He senses some grave danger threatening.
He prays for his own safety and trusts God for it, as he always has before.

The brothers abandon Dusty in a lonely place, far from home. The boys scoff at him there's your space mission, this is your great purpose.. they all laugh as they drive away,,, "enjoy your flight!"

They have left Dusty at an old abandoned shuttle site. Long forgotten and unused the space station has been neglected and left . And now Dusty has been left too. But not forgotten, for His God sees everything, especially what happens to His own.
Dusty cries as they ride off and realizes what they have done.

Chapter 5
He is lost and alone, there is no phone, no one to help him. Many thoughts run through his mind...why... why have they done this terrible thing to me?
But Dusty has one one very big idea in his heart "..... trust God..... he has not abandoned me....only my brothers have". He knows better than to think God would leave him .. after all He has promised him.
He knows His daddy in heaven will see him through this evil ... but for now... he cannot quite see how.

He explores the abandoned site and all the equipment. He is so interested in everything he sees, but he cannot be joyful for long. He imagines himself in the rocket ship, flying through the heavens, but it is getting cold and dark.

He must find shelter for the night. Dusty is afraid, and for a moment he doubts everything he heard from God.
Dusty is overwhelmed with fear and trembling, he knows the enemy is trying to taunt him with lies and fears,, but he prays O My God, I still trust in you.,, I know you will not leave me even in this suffering,, you are here,,,

God speaks over Dusty, and the enemies of God and their lies have to depart... and the angels are close at hand to protect him.
He is heavy with his own fears, but feels a calming presence and is comforted as he falls asleep in the cockpit of the space shuttle. His jacket is keeping him warm...and his best friend...Jesus


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