Chapter 6

The next morning, very early, Dusty is awakened by loud banging and clanking noises.

He is very surprised . He hears the voices of many men... what are they saying??

He stays hidden, and overhears them talking as they work. They are equipment men sent to fix the shuttle. The government has refinanced the program after a long wait. And Nasa has a need for the site and shuttle for a special mission.



Dusty hasn't had anything to eat for days...the crew has left their lunch behind which Dusty eats right away . He is sorry they left it behind, but knows it was the hand of God, his provider, to keep him well and healthy. "The best bologna and cheese sandwich I ever had"

The next night , God gives Dusty a dream.

He sees himself flying in space with a great purpose for God. Joy and excitement prevail in this dream. It is not for himself that Dusty will fly, but for God. He understands the plan now. Joy and excitement fill Dusty's heart once again, and he sees good coming out of evil for the first time, as something that was of God the whole time. What lessons he is learning from his experience! Lessons he would not have learned without this trial and trouble.
He trust God for the rest... and the best.

Chapter 7



The next day the flight and engineering crew shows up. They are very surprised to see such a young boy all alone. They can tell something bad has happened to him. They comfort him , become good friends, and offer him to stay and watch them work.

The men talk by themselves and agree to help Dusty as much as they can. They see so much potential in him, and God is leading them to protect Dusty. He really needs a friend or two right now.


Dusty is fascinated with engineering and all the equipment, he learns more and more as he watches the men make repairs.
The men notice how much he knows already.

 The mission runs into trouble, they have gotten word that the space wheel is jammed. It is located between the earth and the moon in continuous orbit.
The entrance to the wheel is blocked, so they cannot fix the interior. Someone needs to get inside, flip the nuggies and man the keyhole. But no one is small enough to fit into the entrance.

Soon the crew realizes no one is going to fit in the entrance to the space wheel.....
except Dusty.

They ask Dusty if he will help them and fly with them to fix the wheel. His heart rejoices as he understands the plan of God unfolding. God has called him here!! To this very place and time!! And he is sending him on a very special mission, not just to fix the wheel, and help the crew but to witness God's love from a very visible point.

Something bad is turning into something wonderful !!
God wants to send you too... do you know where??

The crew begins to train Dusty in everything he will have to do for the wheel.

He is a quick learner and the gifts that God gave him so long ago help him to grasp every task quickly. Now he knows why God has given him such speed of understanding in mechanics.
He is appointed " special engineer"

Chapter 8

Meanwhile Dusty's father has been worried about him to the point of tears everyday, since his mysterious disappearance.
He has asked the brothers if they knew anything about Dusty or what has happened to him.

But they have denied any involvement and just say they don't know anything, they make no effort to help their father find Dusty, even though they see the sorrow upon him..
Dusty's father despairs of ever again seeing his son.

Then one day the fathers hope is restored as he reads about a boy in the news.
"First boy to fly in space, with The American Crew.....flight scheduled to launch tomorrow"!
He instantly recognizes Dusty's picture in the newspaper as the boy set to fly in space. He makes plans to go see his son.

"My boy is alive, and will fly in space tomorrow", His rejoicing and joy knows no limits as he tells the brothers who are struck dumb at the news and the sight of the newspaper.

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