We Justify Ourselves

Many people, (even some Christians!) inside their own mind, like to feel that they are good. Are you going to heaven? "Well, I know I'm better than the guy next door--and there are a lot of people in prison--real criminals! I've never been in jail--I suppose I'm better than a lot of people...."

Many people justify themselves by comparing themselves to other people-! This is why TV talk shows are so popular...

"I've been married 7 times--have 48 children--I'm not sure if I'm a man or a woman or an alien from Mars...! "

People like to sit home and see others' problems--how "messed up" other people are, so they feel justified-!

We raise up celebrities--but can't wait to hear gossip about how bad they are-! But it is so important--we don't get to heaven standing on the backs of others!

"Here I am God--I'm better than all these people I'm standing on!"

"Sorry, can't get in--you're still carrying your sin around!

Don't worry! There's a happier ending than that--on the next page....