The Scar

There was a certain time in my life when it seemed that I was constantly getting cuts on my knees. I just always had great big cuts and scars all the time, at the time I didn't really mind I just kept on playing, and playing... but I remember one day I had a particularly big cut on my knee and it made a big scar and then it itched so mother would say "Don't pick at that scar, you'll just make it worse and it will never go away!"

Of course I did because it just itched so bad...!...... and it would bleed some more and just form more scar tissue over the old scar. That scar seemed as if it would never go away.. I remember the day it finally came loose... I felt so free! And there was this brand new pink skin underneath better than new!

Now listen. Many of you have scars... I'm not necessarily talking about physical scars but rather emotional and mental scars. Oh you may be very good at hiding them from other people. You can present a happy face to the world when you have to, but when you are alone with yourself it comes out..... the knowledge of what happened to you when you were young. Perhaps it was something that happened to you when you where very small.. many years ago, perhaps 20 or 30 or 40 years ago. Some of you where abused, physically by a parent or someone close to you.

Perhaps the abuse was verbal, demeaning, always putting you down... you could never be good enough for your mother or father. Some of you where sexually abused, by a relative, by someone whom you trusted and loved. Perhaps it was many years ago and that person is not even alive now but somehow the pain is still there as if it happened yesterday. You can even try to convince yourself that you've worked it out, forgotten it, moved on. And yet every once in a while it still hurts. Like that scar that won't go away...

You must realize, someone is picking at that scar, hurting it, making it bleed over and over again inside you...No it's not you! It's the devil!! He knows just where you were scared, just where it hurts. He keeps picking at that place where you are vulnerable, making you hurt over and over until you are believing with your whole heart that there is no way for you to be healed... That some wounds just won't go just have to live with it.

Are you going to believe the devil's lie that there is nothing you can do about your problem?! Or, are you going to hit this link and go to the next page?!