them that are of.................The Way


Chapter 4

Road To Damascus


But, in the future, not everyone is a Christian! Consider these two citizens. Drinking buddies, that go by the names JUP and PEB.

Why the funny outfits?

Well, they're cops.

"---unit 809---report immediately to J4900---emergency code 7--suspected terrorist activity-----"

"The report says the Way group might be involved. I hate them."

"I hope we get to kill some of them"

"JUP, some times you like your job a little too much."

"Where are we? Looks like a school."

(a short while earlier)

"Yes Lord, a school--we will be obedient to your call."

"Oh Lord!!---the children must be saved!!"

"I'm powerin' up."

"What?--You don't even know what's inside---"

"Just shut up and back me!"

"Yes children, you must get outside the building right now."

"They're safe--thank God!"

"You people! What do you think you're doing?"

"You killed them--just to make your grand entrance!"

"And you will be next."

"We see what you've done here. Interfering with a government institution. It's illegal."

"We were sent here by the Lord God Jehovah."

"God!--There is no God but EMP! Are you of the Way?"

"Then I know how you will die"

"What? No JUP, you don't have to do it that way!"

"Shut up PEB--this is the way that suits them. Post this up on the 'net so everyone can watch a terrorist wriggle while they die. Maybe our friend here will tell you about crucifixion--while he suffocates."

"......this--is the way our Savior died. our Savior who loved us--Jesus--God who became a man--to love and serve us--so far that He died to save us all.."

"Well, it doesn't look like he's saving you now!"

"...Jesus died, but He rose from the conquer death for all that believe---believe--that is all that Jesus asks....this building is going to blow up any second.....there's a bomb....that's why He sent us save the children....please believe me.....leave while you can....."

"No! It's a lie! .....PEB! Where are you going?!"

"PEB!! Get back here! It's a lie!--I'll report you for this!"

"'s still not too late.....ask Jesus to save you..."

"No!" "Wha--?!"

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