them that are of.................The Way


chapter 6

The Gospel of Release


"That light! Looks like a fire! Someone must have crashed near the pond!"

"Lord Jesus I pray we're not too late!"

"Well, it's good to see you sitting up, fella. Had to use me chain clippers to get you out of that metal suit you were wearin'."

"You had yer eyes closed for 3 days--but we knew you'd be a'right--we prayed and got a word right away."

"You prayed for me?"

"Yes we did. Laid hands on you and believed God for your healing. Yep--we prayed the blood of Jes---"


"Yes, the blood of Jesus--the blood that heals and delivers and saves."

"Tell me about Jesus......please."

"Oh God--this feels so good!"

"Your old life is all behind you now brother PEB!"

"Yes, the blood of Jesus wipes it all clean."

"And the indwelling of the Holy Spirit makes you His"

Every baptism is meant to make a ripple in the still water of this world. This man's baptism will certainly do just that.

"I know I'm saved by God's grace, by Jesus' work on the cross and His resurrection. I've received the Holy Spirit. May I ask---what is next?"

"PEB, you are now a minister, a servant of God, in equal standing with all believers. You are a member of the church, Christ's body in the earth. What to do? Simply go and tell what great thing God has done for you. Preach the Gospel to every living creature."

"Let's connect up to the cybernet. I'm knowin' some people who'd like to welcome you....."

"PEB---come with us tonite. We're a-visitin some needy folk in town--mebee ye'll get ta witness some."


"God is in you now, brother. He'll give you the words to say."

".....and all I know is that Jesus is so good! He is the One who can help you."

"Yes, I want to know Jesus"

"That was terrific, PEB! That family got saved tonite. Their lives will change just like yours has!"

"The Lord ministers powerful in you PEB. Your gifts are great in Him."

"Is that all there is to it? Feed some folks and tell them about Jesus?"

"What could be better?"

"Yes PEB, this is the most important Christian ministry of all."

"I feel this great love inside---"

"Yes, that's it--you've got it all now!"

".........and this is brother KED and sister ALIKA and their two children, BEEDA and ZEKE."

"Yep folks, this PEB fella just 'dropped in' on us a few days ago--!"

"He's just asked Jesus into His heart--we baptized him--and he right away is proven himself an able minister of the Lord."

"Well, one thing we know is that God works fast--if we let Him."

"Yes, it's only a lack of faith that hinders God's speed. We need faith in Him and faith in one another."

"The Bible says we were all created to serve God. Ministering the Gospel is the highest purpose for the life of every single human being."

"So--we know the message--Jesus saves. But the Word of God gives us an example of how to find the specifics--where--when--to spread the Good News. Its' real real simple. Pray in the Spirit and ask the Lord! Where we ought go---who ought be sent with the message."

"So, why don't we pray and search the Spirit. Perhaps The Lord will give us a word for brother PEB--a direction for his ministry."

"I'll watch the children. Enjoy the milk and cookies the Lord has blessed us with this evening."

"Oh my Lord!----Oh my Lord!"

"PEB! I see you. You are lifted up to a high place and below is a multitude of people---you are blessing them...."

"This must be the many people you will reach with the Gospel! God has big things in store for you brother PEB!"

"Continue your journey--the Spirit of the Lord says.----Where were you going before you crashed here?"

"I was on my way to Dinium."

"Well then start there. Go to Dinium. Join with the brethren there."

"Dinium has a tremendous move of God--you'll love it! I know some believers there that I can connect you with."

"What great purpose God has for you brother!"

"This is amazing--God is so good!"

"Luke 22: 25- 29"

"Oh, I'm sorry---ZEKE!--be careful what you say..."

"Ha ha--no--that's all right--even the children prophecy the Word of God-! Ha ha ha!!"

".............what was that verse again----Luke something---oh well it can't be very important.........."

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