Dinium becomes the center of a glorious move of God, and PEB is at the forefront. His name quickly becomes famous among the Way. He is compared to Paul in his conversion and his zeal. PEB becomes a true worker for the Gospel--going to places where the church is not strong, and making it strong. Organizing--releasing--sending---quickening the brethren.

However, the persecutions continue and in fact grow worse, yet the church glories in it's trials, using their suffering to spread the Word to even greater degrees. "To live is Christ, to die is gain" becomes the watchword of the day. Of course the fervent prayer of all believers is for the persecutions to end and the Lord to return. The expectation is that the Lord will come any day for His Church.

The church, them that are of the Way, are truly glorious in all they do. The church is added to daily, since all believers are being the church, daily.



them that are of...........The Way


Chapter 7

Meanwhile, In Hell..........




"A few hundred years ago I was soooo happy."

"But now I am not!"

"I want answers---not more excuses!!"

"Why are you here?!"

"You , my mightiest warrior demons--those chosen to control and harass the Way, the wretched body of the Son of Man!"

"Master, they cast us from the earth day and night. They work together daily, in small clusters. They pray for the sick and feed the poor and teach that 'Gospel' thing. They know their authority and use it properly now. They are no longer covered and chained to one another's sin as in days past. They do the will of the Almighty..."


"I am the Almighty One-!"

"If they continue they will soon set up the kingdom of the Son of Man in fullness. I need to take charge and manifest myself. I need to rule in the earth and command my hoards."

"But sire! If you do you will fulfill the prophecy of the end-!"

"I know this fool! This is what I have dreaded for so long--the wretched church would force my hand and the prophecies of the book corner me. I cannot rule upon the earth that once was mine, if I did He would return and the Book proclaims his victory. Perhaps it is the time to see if this prophecy is true! Can He and His saints truly stand against all of Hell assembled!?"

"We must make war!!!"

"No you will not."

"What-?!--who dares---oh, you Advisor."

"Yes, me, the only one with any brains around here."

"M'Lord, the situation is no different than one we faced far in the past...consider...."

"You own two great dominions in the earth... New Utica, the American empire, and your vast network of terrorists."

"Two powers which attack the church at every turn--and yet they are failing! We lose souls daily!!"

"Hold master, listen--this is exactly the situation which corrupted the church ages ago-----Remember--In their year 300 your Roman empire, the kingdom of the Gentiles, ruled the earth. At the same time your barbarian pagans were poised to destroy Rome."

"Ooooh--I just love war!"

"Yes, yes, but remember our great plan? How we tied the church to Rome, by a few simple tricks, and then soon after your barbarian pagans wiped away Rome."

"Yes! What a triumph! Dark ages! Constant war, plagues--battling human authorities--and we made the church a part of it all! Yes, what a great time we had in the dark ages!"

"Well, perhaps it can be done again."

"I have an old book here--with all the false doctrine we need...."

"Yes the dark ages were great for us, but you know how the church, slowly gained back from us. The gifts were restored. Salvation in the first reformation--then the gifts of the Holy Spirit--and then the second reformation, when the gift of ministry was restored to the Body..."

"Yes, yes, don't remind me of history, Advisor!"

"It could all be done again sire."

"But how? They work together as equals. They know their covenant and power, and yech!--love one another. They use the cybernet to connect with one another quickly---my cybernet! How many we have corrupted with pornography and greed--but they use it as a communication device and teaching vehicle--and the blasted Word is available to them in a pure translation--in their minds no less! They have good examples to follow--like that PEB--oh if I could get my hands on him--!"

"PEB---yes--he is the key!"


"Oh, I have this well thought out sir."

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