them that are of............The Way


Chapter 8

God Is A God Of Order


"PEB is the key, you say?"

"Yes master"

"But what could we do about him?"

"Give him power."

"What!? Give one of the strongest believers--power!?"

"Sire--you forget--authority is the key. Listen to my plan--first we must invite him into your temple..."

"But he will walk in among my loyal pagans and preach the Gospel!"

"Well, that may happen, but it is immaterial. What we need is for him to taste authority--rule over others--the way you operate in your house. In the earth, things operate by sowing and reaping.."

"yes, yes, don't preach to me-!"

"Yes master, but see--we must sow a seed of authority and rule in PEB, in order to some day restore your church operation--your format--once again in the earth. A little leaven leavens the whole lump, you know."

"You mean we could put the pulpit back in business!?"

"Somebody hit the lights in here!"

"We have got ourselves a plan!"

"Could we do it all over again! Could we corrupt them with their own authority, cover themselves with their own sin!? Make them 'submit to authority' instead of co-operate with one another as brothers and sisters!?"

"Well master, you are the anointed cherubim which covereth--!!"

"Could we do it all over again!?

Giant buildings--statues to saints, votive candles--multimedia worship centers! I love my pulpit----just remember to form it into a Roman column! Choirs and organs and electric guitars and best of all very very loud sound systems to drown out anything but what the "delegated, designated, anointed, appointed authority has the right to say"!

"Rule, rule, rule! Yes, we'll raise up the "ministry" of a handful and place them in positions of "authority" to immobilize the rest!!"

"Can we truly bring back my shepherds crook!? Whether with long robes and collars or three-piece suits and gold watches."

"Can we really bring back the priesthood and the hierarchy and the episkope and the bishops and the elders and the mumbled messages of condemnation and the screaming shouting guilt from sweaty preachers lips!?"

"Can we really bring back all that?!"

"Flowers on an altar and stained glass windows and plexiglass pulpits--wooden pews and cushioned blue seats (with plenty of back support!) are just great for a Sunday morning nap. Can we trick them into the sabbath thing again? 'Don't enter this sanctuary without an offering'--what a joke!!! Can we once again corrupt the church with my favorite thing--money?! Can we really destroy apostleship and replace it with the ministry of flipping songs on the overhead projector!?"

"Yes--yes--God is a God of ORDER---and I will define the order!!!"

"Leadership!! We need strong leaders in times like these!

And we know the man for the job--PEB!! PEB--a strong shepherd of souls!"

"What do you need for the job Advisor? All my armies are at your disposal.."

"No, sire--all I need for now, is two mechanic devils."


"Yes, these two will do just fine---later, sire, your forces shall be released, but for now, these two will suffice."

"Tell me boys, can you mess up a fly-car--so it won't work for a while?"

"Can we!?--Yes, yes we love it!!"


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