them that are of..........The Way


Chapter 9

"Obey Them That Have the Rule........."


".........and brother PEB, we would so appreciate if you would come on our sabbath day and speak to all the congregation."

"Whoa--that is one strange invitation! Usually the temple people stay away from us!"

"But it could be an opportunity the Lord is making for us to witness."

"Only one way to know--pray about it."




"Here, this is the one---can you fix it so it won't fly for a while?"

"You bet!"........."Let us do it!"

"But I need to leave right now!"

"PEB---you know what the Lord spoke to us in prayer--send PEB and JOD"

"But JOD isn't here! His fly-car isn't working and he's not going to make it in time. This is too big an opportunity to miss!"

"PEB--no--listen to the Spirit! No one believer has all the ministry. Yes you are powerful in the Lord--but apostleship is the right way to work--JOD is an expert on this cult..."

"Yes, I know--but he's not here--and those lost souls are waiting for the Gospel-! 'Greater is he that is in me...."

And shortly, in the temple of Oneness.....

"God is a god of order--god is a god of order....this is his holy temple where he dwells.

We are called his people--his holy nation--we are called to worship we are called to submit--we are called to love him and love his creation--we are called to love."

"Wow, these people are a sorry looking group! They look very, very tired of this ritual. Called to love--they look like they've been called here to take a nap!"

"But it looks harmless--I guess."

"This sign--it's in the Bible--but--wait let me look it up in the Net-Bible."

"Hmmm...that is some ancient the direct Greek NT it says.......

"listen to anyone who serves you the word of God and cooperate with one another as brothers and sisters."

"Wow, a very different message. I'm a little confused about all this. It seems like they are worshipping God, and they use the Bible--but? Maybe I should have waited for JOD....."

"And the blood of this lamb washes away our sin and unites us with the great oneness of All."

"Oh Lord give me strength..."

"Friends! This lamb cannot take away your sin!"

Someone has spoken out of order! Jaws drop! The ritual has been broken! the congregation looks up in surprise! All eyes turn to the leader....

"Ah yes! Let me introduce our esteemed speaker for today--PEB--noted leader of the Way. Please PEB step up to the pulpitum. It is our custom and position of authority."

"You do not need to make sin offerings, for the blood of Jesus Christ has been shed once for all...."

Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin. (Hebrews 10:18)

"Jesus is the one -time offering for all sin--we do not need to make offerings.......

"He's so powerful--I think he's going to have an altar call. Let's vow allegiance to his god--just like all the others!"

".....come into my heart Lord Jesus. Cleanse me of my sin--give me a new life in you...."

"Thank you PEB--you've done us a great service today. You have great power in your words--certainly you are one of the great earthly masters. I have commanded the people to make an offering to your ministry..."

"....what! no--I don't want any money from you--and I am not a 'master'--I just want people to see Jesus"

"Oh PEB--it is you--the power is in you---the sheep are the sheep--but you..."


"Sheep--yes--you are obviously gifted as a shepherd. There are 'some shepherds'--look in your Bible! You are a priest, a shepherd--you have the gift--see how they followed you and obeyed!"

"Power, yes I felt it! All those people got saved--all at once. What a powerful thing this is--the pulpitum. Certainly I know that God gave us authority in Him--and to use it this way to teach others--what a powerful weapon this could be for God."

"I'm still not sure what happened back there......."

But we can see, in the Spirit.......

"No PEB! Do not stand in that position of authority--it is a trick!"

"Stop that angel!"

"How did he get in here!!"

"Don't let that angel warn of the power we are giving PEB!"

"Get him! He will warn the upper heavens of the plan-!"

"I must tell the Lord......"


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