them that are of...........The Way


Chapter 10

"Do You Know Where We Been, Brother?"


"You weep Master?"

"Not this! Not when we are so very close-! Oh my poor son PEB. He has fallen to this--Lucifer's subtle covering--my people suffered so long under this yolk in the past!"

"We must not allow this to grow--we must warn PEB. Send a band of angels....."

"Step one is accomplished--the seed is sown Master."

"But I do not see what you have done."

"Authority, Master! PEB has tasted something and agreed with it. Your format, your structure--hierarchy--rule--human authority---and he thought it God's will! He has already ignored the warnings of his compatriots and stepped out of apostleship. But the upper heavens will try to warn him again...."

"Sire, garner your forces to the second heaven and the upper air. Do all you can to stop the messages from reaching PEB. He must reason on his own, without the rhema word. And the logos, we shall soon take care of that!!"

"Two escaped our ambush! They are beyond our dominion and to the earth."

"Satan will destroy us for this!"

"Yes, this is the man who can be sent with this word for PEB---and the book...."

PEB is a very busy man these days--moving--doing--working for the Gospel, encouraging the brethren. Though the church is persecuted, hunted at every turn by the empire, PEB is everywhere at once with his admonishing.............but perhaps too busy, to listen?

"Brother PEB--stop!"

"Yes, who are you?"

"I'm SAM. Been traveled a long way to see you, to bring you something."

"Well I don't have the time, really..."

"The Lord God Jehovah has sent me, sir!"

"I need to tell you something, brother, please here me out. Y'know, I'm a few hundred years old and one of the last folks that remember the way things used to be...."

"When I was a kid I thought "church" was a good place to have a nap on a Sunday mornin'. And y'know --I was right! It was all a boring ritual--same songs--same speech--same people did the 'stuff'--the 'ministry'--and the most of us was told to 'submit to authority'."

"Since we all done it enough, we really though it was in the Bible--some used to call it 'Gods' best'--what a joke!"

"Remember somethin' Mr. PEB--it ain't God when the kids fall asleep!"

"But when I got to be about 14 years old and ready to quit church all together, something changed. It was like a word started gettin' out--in the Spirit. A lot of it come through the 'net--where we was all really equals. Regular folks just started gettin' together and doin' what the Lord told us to do--jes' as simple as that. We had a saying in them days--'quit goin' to church--and start bein' the church'

"Yes, well that's fine brother. I've studied the history of the second reformation, I know all about it..."

"No! you have no idea--unless you been there--unless you were raised up--told you were a sheep."

Y'see, all of a sudden, lots' of regular people started to study the Bible--lookin' at the Greek and the Hebrew on the computer. We started to understand the lies of human authority that had been put in the tradition of church in years past--in the dark ages. Jesus said His ministry was not authority over other believers. You don't know what it was like when people quit 'sittin under authority' and started sittin' down together. Instead of talking about brotherhood, we lived it out! God was leading us, and He could speak thru anyone. We started gettin' the Gospel out to the lost, prayin' for the sick--gettin' people delivered from their problems--all in Jesus' name. We just started gettin' together and doin' what Jesus did--in little groups--like He did. The house of God wasn't the big building downtown anymore, it was your house and my house and everyone's house."

"The church's were empty and God was pleased because instead of goin' to church on Sunday, the ladies of the church got together and baked cookies and gave them to the poor folk down the street--which is jes' what God wanted all along."

"Brother--brother! I'm well aware of the principles of the church.."

"Are you?

I sure hope so Mr. PEB. I seen you standin' in that pulpit you like to speak from and givin' your speeches. The Lord tells me you need to know these things for what you are going to go through soon."

"I have something for you."

"What is it? Is that a book?"

"The Book."

"A Bible?! A written Bible! I didn't think any books still existed---how did you hide this all these years from the government-?

"God did."

"But I don't have any need of this--I mean..."

"I know, you can't read--you get all you need pumped into your head by the cybernet. Well, the Lord God Jehovah spoke to me in prayer and told me to give it to you--you're goin' to need it brother."

"Hmmmm---youth is wasted on the wrong people--that ain't in the Bible --but it ought to be--hmmmm."

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