them that are of..........The Way


Chapter 11


Satan Loves Illiteracy


And in Hell......

"Master, when was the last time you read a really good book?"

"Your point--?"

"Reading, master--it's a lost art in the upper world--very few know how to do it."

"A great accomplishment I have done--I love illiteracy!"

"Perhaps greater than you realize---Master--you control the Empire and the terrorists that are trying to destroy the empire."

"Yes, yes--I love conflict and war!"

"Master, let the terrorists destroy the cybernet."

"Why? We use the cybernet to enslave the sons of Adam with lust and greed!"

"Yes, but if you destroy the cybernet, you will take away the word of God from the Way..."

"What a good idea--did I think of it?--yes I did! Without the Word they will make mistakes after a time--and of course we will encourage them every way we can!"

"Without the cybernet they will loose their best way of communicating."

"I'm off to visit the dreams of one of my favorite terrorists. You know DRACOS, leader of the HNNS...."

"........and you will be king--rule the world! I will show you where to destroy your enemies..."

"Come men, I have seen in a dream exactly where we must go--to destroy the enemy!"

And in a huge wave of attacks, DRACOS and the HNNS manage to do what no one thought possible--destroy the basis for the cybernet--in an irreplaceable way.

The panic and terror that ensues is unrivaled in human history. Commerce crumbles--all communication is destroyed.....and the Way loose their access to the Word of God....yet they survive, as Christians always have, if hidden and secret--against the continuing persecutions of the government.


oh, and about DRACOS.........

He died for what he believed in, and had the opportunity to meet his master......

"Great One--I did what you said!"

"Thank you---what a great success you were DRACOS!"

"eh--Master--what of my reward, that you promised--?"

"Oh of course! Your reward! We will take good care of you here. Uh, demons--give DRACOS a taste of his eternal reward......."

"How about a little molten lead bath---?


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