them that are of.......The Way


chapter 12


Seeking Promotion Within the Church


A few years pass........

"Now Master, let us view the earthly events of the last few years..."

"Remember this one---JEEMEE?"

"Yes, he was a real wimp!"

"But we helped him get his nerve up, and stick a knife in the back of his brother-in-law, emperor ZIN"

"JEEMEE was the head of the militia--and there was a bad feeling between the cops about this. The head of the cops, STIN, decided he had the right, and the manpower to be emperor--just as much as JEEMEE."

"Of course, two emperors just won't do--and the two forces gathered together to do battle."

"Such a lovely war!--But as I remember--you asked me to cut it short--"

"At the height of the battle, we gave STIN a sign in the sky and we promptly let him win the battle"

"Why did we do that-?"

"Well now Master, we have exactly what we want--an emperor, in absolute authority--who is maybe--almost--a Christian"

"And we want this, Advisor--?"

"Oh, sire, you really need to study your glorious history a little better! This is almost exactly what we did so long ago."

"You mean all the pieces are in place to destroy the Way-?!"

"Well, no sir, I'm afraid we cannot destroy the church--the man upstairs has proclaimed that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against her..."

"Oh, don't remind me of that one!"

"But--we can corrupt the ministry of the church. We can redefine things a little! We can make them disobedient to the operational principles of the New Covenant."

"Can we make them think they're Israel again--I like that foolishness!"

"Perhaps Master,---but what we need to do first is to merge them with your government. Make them believe God wants them to exercise authority one over another. Trap them in an authoritarian format. But sire, it is a very delicate time now--I need to ask your permission to manifest"

"You would like to walk the earth?"

"Yes, as a key aid to emperor STIN."

".....well--you're going to have to do something with those horns--"

".....ooooh I hate this part!"


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