them that are of.......The Way


chapter 13

Deliver Us From Evil


"Dear emperor, something troubles you? You have vanquished your enemies--you are recognized as the ruler of the entire world order. What could possibly be your trouble?"

"When I was in battle, I saw a sign in the sky--it haunts me, Advisor."

Was it perhaps, a symbol like this, sire?"

"Yes, yes---how did you know?"

"I am familiar with this--it is a sign of the Way. I have knowledge of their beliefs and the power they hold."

"Many in the empire follow this cult."

"Yes, perhaps you should speak to one of their leaders--in fact, I believe you know their greatest leader, a man named PEB..."

"PEB! I know him--from the corps! You say he is a leader of the Way? I must speak with him!"

"Your wish shall be done great one."

"Brothers, sisters, let us not fear--God will deliver us from this great persecution."

"We have prayed so long for our deliverance, yet our people are hunted, executed."

"But doesn't the Word say these are signs of the end times?"

"If only we had the Word. It was such a consolation, and now an entire generation is growing up without having ever understood the Bible."

"It always served as a verification to the word the the Lord gave us in prayer--since we have lost the Word, groups are breaking off--there are disagreements."

"I have a copy of the Bible."


"But it is in an ancient language--can any of you here read? If only we could find someone to interpret it for us..."

"Oh Jesus, no!"

"Which one of you is PEB-?"

"Where are you taking me?"

"The emperor's palace. He is visiting Dinium--and desires to see you."

"Here is the one you requested master."

"Good, leave now."

"PEB--relax--it's just me--your old boss! I came to Dinium to see you"

"Oh, our poor brother PEB! Let's pray for him--who knows what horrors he is facing even now.."

"More bread? Eat, eat my friend--you look half-starved!"

"We live in hiding STIN--we live in holes, because of...."

"Because of the policies of previous administrations my friend. But all that is going to change!"

".....who is this, now."

"Wait, look--could it be?!"

"PEB!! we did not expect to see you again, at least on this side of Paradise! What happened!"

"A miracle, my friends! Our deliverance!!"

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