them that are of........The Way


chapter 16


Sunday G'wana Meetin'


Could the entire church be corrupted thru one man? Yes, if there is no other choice given. If persecution has been replaced by rule. The church, drunk with it's new-found freedom, walks into the temple, a dazzling place, with exciting music--all for them to worship God! The Christians just want to party--and the devil is glad to play songs for the occasion--since he knows worship never saved a soul. Little do they know that the party the devil has planned, will never end.

"That noise--those bells!"

"It is the sabbath day, you must attend the church, you must enter Gods' holy temple--so has the emperor decreed!"

"Enter citizens--there are no acceptions!"

"Things go well master!

It is so easy really---when they accept a hierarchy all that needs to be done is to get to the man at the top! You know how we do that in the system of the world so readily. Well, once again we have done it to the church!"

"Master, they are not listening any more."

"They are not ready to carry the Gospel. They have a plan, preordained---and so they miss your ordination. Your children are exercising authority one over another. Your children have turned their back on apostleship. The handful that claim to be your ministers, rule over others. Their sin covers one another. They serve Mammon. The church is again corrupt with human authority."

"Perhaps I should remove my crown."

"All rise--the man of God has entered."

"Dear friends, God loves us and sent Jesus to die for our sin, to cleanse us of unrighteousness and He rose again on the third day to grant us eternal life."

People can come, and they can hear the Gospel, but without the opportunity to be doers of the Word............

And PEB suddenly remembers the word given to him by SAM......

"It ain't God when the kids fall asleep."


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