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Age Of Darkness


But we can travel forward, to another time......

The world without the Word of God, decays, corrupts. The many terrorist enemies of the empire, eventually bring about it's demise. A dark age moves across the world. So now, the "church" is all that is left of the empire. The people live in the dust of the technology of the past.....

Once a week the common people leave the fields and the hovels they live in--to go to the "church". A place where they are expected to follow the rule, and especially not to speak out.

But as always, the innocence of youth continues in Gods' true plan....

"Father, who be the great pictures I spy in God's sanctuary?"

"They be the great saints of yore, which fought mighty battles to 'stablish the church----now hush child!"

"But father, why may I not speak in the church?"

"Shush! Do not question God's authority. God is a God of order and it be not our place to speak out. Ye must submit to the rule."

"But why give we one tenth of all to the vicar? The priests and episkope fare sumptuously and the great papa lives in a grand palace--while we starve!"

"This is Gods' plan and our lot to which we were born. Why, I have heard the tithe rebukes the devourer! What terrible fate might befall us if we disobeyed--and if not from God--but from the governor!"

"Perhaps we ought let pastor explain these things to the boy."

"...I am God's ruler over you--the servant of the church."

"I am a man set under authority, and ye are under mine as the Holy Ghost hath appointed overseers for the flock."

"Why must it be this way? 'Tis our lot in life to be sheep 'neath the rod of a shepherd?! I know God! He is a God of love, and brotherhood and equity! I believe He has gifted me equally with you--and I have His ordination and call to preach his Good News. I shall follow God's call and His authority--and not yours!"

"You speak rebellion and blasphemy, boy! Ye speak as a grievous wolf!"

"No! I know that God is a God of love and brotherhood.."


"You are a sheep and I am your shepherd!"

"And what you need is a shearing, little one! Let me introduce you to my rod...."

"...........and so falsehood becomes the law, while the truth is but a picture on the wall..........."

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