Really?” the young man asks.i

Really,” you answer. “I just never feel like thinking about what’s out there or what happens after death.”

    “And that doesn’t concern you at all?”

    “Not really,” you say. “Why should it?”

    “You know, it’s probably because of the fact that you never think about it that you don’t realize how important it is,” he begins. “Think about it: for example, if Islam is true, then all non-Muslims go to hell for eternity. The same goes for Catholicism and Christianity. Don’t you think it’s at least worth thinking about in order to find the truth? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you’d better be really convinced about whatever you do believe; just look at what’s at stake if you’re wrong!”

What do you say?i

a. “Well, I’m an agnostic. I’m not so sure absolute truth exists.” Go to page 4.

b. “Well, I’m an atheist actually. I think science has disproved religion and the existence of God.” Go to page 31.

c. “Okay, I do believe in God. I just hadn’t thought about it in a while.” Go to page 27.

d. “I think any religion is just as good as the next one.” Go to page 2.