“That’s interesting,” he says. “I actually don’t consider myself religious either, although I do believe in God and I think that what we believe is very important.”

    “So how does that work out?” you answer, a little confused.

    “You see,” he goes on, “I would say that religious people are those who think that if they are nice enough to others and do enough good works like praying, reading their scriptures, donating money and going to church or the temple or the mosque or whatever, God will reward them by accepting them. From what I have read in the Bible though, I believe that no one is perfect or deserving of God’s perfection.”

What do you say?

a. “So you believe all that stuff? But science has disproved religion and the existence of God.” Go to page 31.

b. “Why do you say that your beliefs are better than other people’s? I think you should just admit that it isn’t possible to know for sure what is true.” Go to page 4.