Hey, that’s great to hear,” he tells you. “So do I. People certainly have lots of different opinions about God.”

That’s for sure,” you remark.

You know, it’s funny; I was reading the Bible the other day and I found a place where it basically says: ‘You believe that there is one God? That’s good, but even the demons believe – and shudder.1’”

What do you suppose that means?” you ask.

It looks like it means that just believing that God exists isn’t enough; after all, it certainly doesn’t help the demons to know that!”

What are you saying?”

Well, from what I’ve read from the Bible, it looks like it’s all about knowing God and not just knowing about him, because he is a person.”

What do you say?d

a. “I agree with you there.” Go to page 8.

b. “Actually, I believe you’re mistaken about something there.

God isn’t a person, he’s absolutely everything.” Go to page 24.

c. “Honestly, I don’t think it really matters.” Go to page 7.

d. “God loves us, so most everyone will be saved anyways.” Go to page 20.

e. “I believe we must worship him, but that he isn’t a person. I’m a Sikh.” Go to page 32.

1 – James 2:9