Jesus Cards

These scriptures are specifically choosen to lead people to Jesus. Have you ever had someone say that "salvation" or being "saved" is not in the Bible? That salvation is only "hinted at" in the scriptures--or that you have to "read things in" to the Bible to come away with the belief that Jesus is Savior? Of course the truth is that salvation by faith in Jesus is written all over the Bible--God repeated the message of salvation over and over again throughout the scriptures, and that is what these little scripture cards are all about.

Now, I'll tell you what these "Jesus Cards" are not--they are not just scripture memory cards (although they will certainly help you memorize the Word of God!). They are not an advertisement for a church (as so many tracts tend to be--unfortunately). They are just the pure Word of God--in the King James version of the Bible--and they are scriptures that boldly state the salvation message. We know that the Word of God is meant to build our faith ("faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God" {Romans 10:17}) and that the Word of God will lead people to salvation--so we feel that these cards are an excellent tool to bring more people into the Kingdom of God (and this is the job of every Christian--"go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature" {Mark 16:15}) When you witness to someone these cards can be invaluable in order to keep pointing the person to the Word of God--and help to remind you of the scriptures that will lead people to Jesus. These cards can also be left anonomously in car windshields or anyplace the Lord might direct you. Pray, and God the Holy Spirit will guide you. We are believing with you that many will be lead to Jesus through your effort--God bless you in your n ew ministry as an evangelist! You are a servant of the most high, and The Lord is taking it seriously !!

Just simply open the link, print, and cut along the lines! You may want to print these cards on heavier paper (bristol paper or heavy card stock) or on colored paper.

Jesus Cards #1

Jesus Cards #2