"Jump into the Bible"  Bible Study Course
by Laura and Joseph Rich

These bible studies are intended to bless the body of Christ and help encourage new believers.,They are most important for those who do not know the Lord yet, and we pray many will come to salvation through them.We know they are Gods plan to benefit all who take a step of faith and do them. They are inspired from personal fellowship in the word, and direct guidance from the Holy Spirit.

We'd like to suggest that you take your time, read the scripture, then the questions. The questions can be thought provoking, but always go back to the verse  of scripture and you will find the answer. The series of questions  will lead you to uncover more truth and understanding of Gods word. You will usually see a progression to form an important point.
Please enjoy this, and take all the time you need, they are from your heavenly Father who only wants to bless you by them. There is no grade, or formalities involved. In fact they are designed especially for your convenience and privacy.

Please send us your comments and suggestions (Tracts1@aol.com) Let us know if they are useful and helpful and please don't be shy.

They  may be useful to pass on to family members or friends who need guidance or encouragement. You can also print them to use away from the computer and pass out to others you are witnessing to. We all need Gods word as a daily diet and we believe in its power in our lives.

We believe the bible is the inspired word of God.
We believe in the transforming power of the word.
We believe Jesus is the word, and spending time with it, is spending time with Him.
We believe as you keep yourself in the word,  trust in God, it can change your life; We feel this is an important service to the body of Christ that has been neglected, please enjoy it.


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