Free Christian Tracts!

We have a number of ways for you to receive your free Seeds Christian tracts. We appreciate it if you are able to print your own tracts directly from this website. There are two different ways to do this....first our "Browser Tracts" which are designed to print right off your web browser and give you two tracts per page. These should print clearly on a letter size piece of paper, can be duplicated in large quantity on a copying machine, and some are in color for those of you with color printers. If you have the software and the skills we encourage you to edit our tracts to fit your needs--such as adding the name of your church or ministry, and any of our graphics may be used as clip-art for your Christian home page.

The newest and best way for you to receive your free Seeds tracts is by downloading copies in Adobe Acrobat format. These are the same tracts that we will send you by mail and should print accurately on any computer. The tracts are free and can be duplicated as often as you like.

Of course if you do not have a printer, or can't get our tracts to print well on your printer (unfortunately what comes out on our computer might not fit right on yours!), we will be happy to send you master copies of our tracts by postal mail. We will send you about 30 different tracts that can be duplicated on a copying machine and have a box where you can type or print the name of your church or ministry.

Download, Print or Order Free Christian Tracts At The Links Below......

Download Free Tracts Here

We have 30 different free tracts for you to download in Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe Acroboat Reader is a free download and is availabe from this page also. These are our best tracts and the same tracts we will send you by postal mail. If you have a printer available we appreciate very much if you can download and print your own free tracts from this page--thank you!

Browser Tracts

These are some of our best Christian tracts. They can be printed directly from your web- browser and will print very clearly. Print as many as you like! These are powerful witnessing tools to share the word of God with others and lead people to Jesus.

Featured Tracts

On this page we have our favorite tracts--full color tracts--and seasonal tracts, in an easy format to view and well as.....New!....E-Tracts!....Did you know that you could attach tracts to your e-mails? We can show you how--any of our free tracts can be sent in this way, but these special tracts are in full color and will work on any computer.The Lord has lead us to make a way to witness the Gospel on the internet and we need you to be a part! DO YOU NEED A LOT OF TRACTS? We can show you how to publish 1,000's of tracts for less than a penny a piece! also....Write your own Christian tract for your specific need.....Go to this page for full details.

Order Free Tracts by Postal Mail

This page lists all of our free Christian tracts that are available for you to receive by postal mail. We will send you master copies that can be duplicated on a copying machine.

International Tracts

We now have free tracts available in many languages! Afrikaans Arabic Chinese Danish Dutch Esperanto Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Sinhalese Spanish Swahil Swedish Tamil Vietnamese. Click on the link to go to our international tract page...

Cliquetez ici pour entrer e nos nouvelles etendues en francais!

Nosotros tenemos tractos ahora en espanol!

Noi ora abbiamo tratti gratis in italiano!

Klicken Sie hier, um zu unseren neuen Gebieten in Deutsch zu gehen!


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