Browser Tracts

These are some of our best Christian tracts for witnessing. If your web-browser supports tables (most new browsers do) these tracts should print very clearly right from this page. The typography will come our more clearly than the tracts that are on our "View and Print" page, so print as many copies as you like!

Easy Instructions

  1. Click one of the links below to open side "A" of the tract. Then simply select the "print" option on your browser (or choose "print" under the file menu at the top of your screen). The tract will print vertically on a regular letter-size piece of paper (81/2"x 11").
  2. Now open side "B" of the same tract and print it on the opposite side of the same piece of paper. (This can be difficult with some printers--the paper needs to be straight as possible and manually fed)
  3. Fold the paper so that the front cover (where the title is written) is face up. Now just cut across the middle line and you have made two tracts. (you may want to trim the edges for neatness sake)
  4. Go out and share the Good News about Jesus!