Welcome to! Our purpose is to spread the Good News...that Jesus Christ is Lord! We believe very simply that the Bible is God's Word and the way to salvation is by accepting Jesus' work upon the cross. We believe that ALL Christians ought to be witnessing this Gospel--the free gift that saves ALL! We want people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we know you do too. We want to see people saved, healed, delivered and set free in Jesus holy name. The fastest and most direct way for this to happen, is for ALL the church to serve God. This website is about release. It is about encouraging every believer to witness the Gospel out to the lost. We have hundreds of free Bible studies meant to encourage the church to BE the church. We have free tracts that can be downloaded and printed on your home computer. This website has been written by many, many people over the years. We expect YOU to write Bible studies and tracts. We expect YOU to send us your testimony and witnessing techniques to help others. We want to do everything we can to see you released to your ministry. This website is free for ALL to use, we do not accept donations of any kind. Equip yourself with the Gospel. Be released in the name of Jesus Christ! The links below are web pages created by many different believers, through, to spread the Gospel.

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***This website has been in existence since 1997---hey that's 20 years! We want to thank everyone who has come here and downloaded free tracts and used all the free material at the site. And to all of you who have contributed your ministry of writing and creating for God, and literally built the site with your tracts, Bible studies and witnessing material--a big God bless you!!***

The Wonderful Christmas Story........Christmas is a time of wonder, for unto us is born the Savior! here to download this tract

"Christmas"........The Christmas Good News Letter explains the true meaning of Christmas.  The Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus because they believed He was the here to download this tract
"Christmas tract #2".........God the Father gave us the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus His Son. But like any gift, salvation must be received. Christmas is a wonderful time to witness the Gospel--do it with this here to download this tract

********Christmas Mistake.........At the school play, someone mispells Christmas, and God's message of love and salvation is revealed! here to download this tract

******What Is Christmas All About?......Cookies and games and wonderful gifts...but do you know the greatest Gift of Christmas? This tract for children is meant to lead them to know that Jesus is the reason for the here to download this tract

********Is Your Christmas Joyless?.............The meaning of Christmas is joy at the birth of the Savior! Nothing else compares to this truth, and nothing else can give true joy, but knowing here to download this tract

HAPPY NEW YEAR............Receiving Jesus into your heart is the best new year's resolution anyone can make! HAPPY NEW YEAR

What Is Christmas All About?........The main message of Christmas is Jesus Christ! Have we forgotten this? here to download this tract

********Oh, To Have A Friend!......Once there was a shy young girl, who could not find a friend. Until the day came when she met the greatest Friend of here to download this tract

What is the Real Meaning of Christmas?........People are busy, buying lots of stuff, planning parties, is this really what Christmas is all about? here to download this tract

3-minute video explains repentance and salvation.....


 i .....Bible studies meant to challenge Christians to witness the Gospel


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What if....Instead of.....?
This free booklet and E-tract is a challenge to the church. The Bible gives us the example of Christians working together in the Gospel. Do you actively spread the Gospel in your church? Well what if---we lived out the Gospel--instead of just teaching it to ourselves? What if we visited the sick and homeless and fed the poor--instead of building a building which we use only for our own purpose? What if ministry was a gift given to every one of us---a function--an anointing--that we all worked in unity together? What if we simply loved God, loved one another, AND loved our neighbor--in equity--as true brothers and sisters in Christ?

What if Instead  here to read and download......You can view and share this E-tract at this address:

Witnessing The Gospel Never Fails......Have you ever tried to tell people about Jesus, and felt as if you failed? Gospel witnessing can be discouraging---but maybe your witnessing did not fail! View this video tract that will encourage everyone to witness the Gospel--God's love never fails!......

Finding the Needs Is Finding God's Will And Your Ministry...........God is meant to direct all the giving within the Church. We are meant to be flexible, ready to give to the poor and the Gospel, and not trapped in a pre-ordained plan of giving.

b.a.s.i.C....................This free booklet is a very easy to understand explanation of what the Church could look like if we followed the rules of operation found in the new testament. Want to know how to do home church? It's a simple thing, an easy thing, to BE the Church. Meet together as equals, all can minister, do your best to NOT exercise authority one over another, make the Gospel your purpose--and money--don't worry about it! here to download

Do you know anything about the history of the church? Do you know how the church in the Bible operated, and how things were changed, many years ago? This story is set in the future, but it is all about the past, and will make you question your ideas about what the church is, today.

 Who we are.......



"How To Be The Church"..............This free book uncovers the operational principles of the New Covenant church as the Bible outlines. A challenge to our church traditions--!

 "Dusty of the American Crew"..........A efree children's book brought about by a dream. An adventurous tale that travels to outer space and reveals pain, purpose and destiny in God.

"The Timeless Treasure" by Luann Dunnuck ---a healing commentary on the song of Solomon.

"Floatlyland".....Read this free Christian children's book. It's all about salvation----based on the story of Noah--and great fun for anyone to read.

"The real meaning behind the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" Many years ago, the great author C.S. Lewis wrote this book, which is a great witness of the Gospel. Click here to download this booklet which explains the real meaning of the story. database site can help you find tracts and tract ministries from all over the world.


Yours Alone..... A healing poem inspired to heal our perspective on life when we are feeling dissatisfaction. this as  a by clicking here


THE BOOK OF JOHN.....Now with full-color illustrations, translated in the following languages......American Standard version (English).....Dutch.....French......German.....Hungarian.......Indonesian.......Italian.......King James version (English).......Norwegian.......Russian......Spanish......Swahili.........Tagalog


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We are praying that you will share the Word of God in a powerful way with everyone you meet and that our tracts and Bible studies will bless you. "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." [John 3:17]






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 ...This website studies ministry, authority and the operational principles of the Church in the Bible as well as church history. Did you know that every believer has a ministry? Did you know we are not supposed to exercise authority one over another among ourselves? The Church in the Bible (and Jesus!) operated in apostleship.......small groups of equals........working together with God's leading......everyone ministering.......with the purpose of spreading the Gospel. Is this how you work with other believers? Or are there other traditions which have changed God's original vision of the Church?




Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you were blessed. Please come back again soon. With your prayers and the Lord's help we hope to keep adding to this site. "that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." [2Timothy 3:17]