Several times My enemies HIT Me. SLAPPED Me. WHIPPED Me. STRUCK Me on
the head.

After I CARRIED a heavy cross on My shoulders, they NAILED Me to it.

They WOUNDED My hands, feet, head, face and back.

But My body wasn't all that suffered. I was also HEARTBROKEN that day.

My friend Judas SOLD Me for 30 pieces of silver then BETRAYED Me with a kiss.

Almost all of My friends LEFT Me. Peter, one of them, thrice DENIED
knowing Me.

My enemies held a mock trial and CONVICTED Me for crimes I did not commit.

They SENTENCED Me to die by crucifixion, the most shameful and the most
painful form of punishment.

They CRUCIFIED Me but released Barabbas, a robber, murderer and rebel.

They CROWNED Me with thorns. They INSULTED and MOCKED Me. They SPAT upon
My face.

They CRUCIFIED Me between two thieves to make Me look like a sinner and a

My own people REJECTED Me, their King.

Most painful of all was My spiritual suffering. My Father briefly FORSOOK
Me because of the sins that I bore on My body for all sinners when I was on
the cross.

My sufferings ended only when I died.

Being God, I didn't have to come as a Man to earth where I knew I would
suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I could have escaped from the cross if I wanted to.

Do you know why I became a Man, why I suffered and died on the cross?


You, like everyone else, are a sinner. I know you are not as bad as other
people. But ALL sinners, not just those who are great sinners, need a Savior.

I know you try to do good but you can NEVER be your own savior. Your
prayers and other good works can NEVER be accepted as payment for your sins.

If you could save yourself through your good works, you would not have needed a Savior. Then I would have stayed in Heaven instead of coming to earth to suffer and die needlessly

There was no other way that you could be saved. That's why I paid for your
sins through My sufferings and death on the cross.

Then I rose from the dead Now I'm here, the risen Savior, talking to you.

Because of My sacrifice for you, you don't have to be punished in Hell for
your sins forever.

All you have to do now is to TURN AWAY from (repent of) your sins and TRUST Me
alone for your salvation.

That's what one of the thieves crucified next to Me did. He was a great
sinner but I did not reject Him.

He had no good works to offer. But I saw his repentant and believing heart
so I told him, "Today, you will be with Me in Paradise."

Don't you want to be with Me in Paradise forever?

I'm looking at your heart. Because I love you, I want to save you NOW.
I'm just waiting for you to tell Me sincerely, 'LORD JESUS, FORGIVE ME.



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