Between The Two!

If you look at Jesus you will see something... If you are honest and are looking at Jesus for who He is you will see something...

He is God!! He is God!! and guess what--?? you are not!!

When we honestly look at Jesus we see that He is God, He is perfect, without sin, and we are not....

There is another person inside us, a sin man. Now put yourself between the two.

Unfortunately there are two extremes that people go to....and they are both wrong....

1. Guilt and condemnation--you believe that you are so bad a sinner, that you constantly need forgiveness, and you always return to your sin--guess what!--you are rejecting the blood of Christ! You are making His work upon the cross to no effect! You are looking so strongly at your sin man that you are no longer seeing Christ! The devil is tricking you into thinking that God is punishing you so that you are not deserving of God's favor. Wait and think seriously, in reality you are rejecting the power of the blood of Jesus! His power is for the forgiveness of sin {"In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins," (Ephesians 1:7)} once--for all--if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, His blood washes away your sin!

2. I believe in Jesus--but--? This one is more and more powerful in the world now--many are believing in a Jesus that is not God but more like a man--a risen master--a wise teacher--a prophet--but not any more than a man--and His word the Bible is a good book of teaching but some of it is outdated--there are little parts that are wrong--If you are living in a lifestyle that is against the word of God, you are denying that Jesus is God. You are just like the person living in condemnation--rejecting the work of Jesus upon the cross--after all if you have no sin and you are good on your own--why did Jesus have to shed His blood upon the cross? Some are looking at Jesus with their back to their own sin--they are not looking at Jesus as God--as Savior--as deliverer-as redeemer--as the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world--the blood sacrifice for sin.

Now be honest--look at Jesus for who He really is--He is God!! You are not!! You are a sinner!! You fall short of His glory. when you look at Jesus you will see your sin--But wait! listen!! in the moment you see your sin, for what it really is, you will hear something----REPENT!--the R word--no one wants to hear that--repentance is an old fashioned thing---we don't do that now a days--perhaps you don't know what repent means?! Repent was the first word that Jesus spoke in the Bible [ "From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 4:17)]--there is no salvation without repentance--but what does it mean?? Watch this....

Repent means to turn!! That's all!! When you see your sin, Jesus will call you to Him--to His forgiveness--look away from your sin--look unto Jesus!!

So lets review--A Christian is someone who....

1. understands that Jesus is God

2. understand they are a sinner

3. repents or turns from sin and looks unto Jesus

4. understands that His sacrifice on the cross and His shed blood cleanses us of all sin!

Remember--don't look so hard at your sin that you turn your back on Jesus--on the other hand--don't forget that Jesus is God and you are not!


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